"LEt's make a                            healthier you!"

Kimberly Line 

Owner and Operator

Mariah Line

Owner and Operator

About us

The Green Root was established in February 2018 and is owned and operated by Kimberly Line RN, Mariah Line, and Kassandra Drexler RPN, a motivated mother-daughter team. The Green Root is a specialty food store offering a wide range of products to fulfill various dietary needs. 

Kimberly, Mariah & Kassandra have suffered from painful abdominal discomfort and digestive issues for a long period of time. Medical investigations had been completed by physicians with no apparent reasons for the discomfort and pain felt surrounding digestion. Kimberly was extremely unwell and decided to start her own investigation into the foods that her family was consuming and finding harder to tolerate. The research gave the family the knowledge and power to make a lifestyle change. This lifestyle change has been a rewarding one yet a challenging one, attempting to find the products has been difficult. Shopping required multiple stops in various stores to acquire the products needed for the family to continue making a variety of foods.

The two decided this was an opportunity to help people acquire the products needed and become aware of the influence food has on health. 

Kassandra Drexler 

Owner and Operator